Simply put, almost a hundred years ago, the insurance industry made a social contract with the people of California and America. In exchange for protection from civil lawsuits, they agreed to take care of the injuries of the occupationally disabled. That contract didn't last very long. It was breached quicker than one could say "Hiram Johnson!"

The insurance industry still enjoys their 100% protection against civil & criminal lawsuits and California's injured now have to go begging and pleading for simple basic medical treatment for their injuries, many of which are the direct result of the negligence of their employers! Insurance companies are finding an excuse to litigate over every little thing including the opinions of their own hand picked doctors. Litigation has increased tenfold! And California's injured workers are suffering exhorably!

Why is the Workers' Compensation Insurance industry in such a quandry? And then towards the end of the last millenium, there were the reinsurance scandals and the Unicover debacle.

In the latter part of 2004, our governor sold control of this now unregulated industry (thanks Pete Wilson!) to the insurance companies for some campaign contributions. He gave them the tools by which to commit some of the most unspeakable and heinous crimes on the occupationally injured of California. And he gave them immunity from prosecution for these crimes by virtue of the "Exclusive Remedy" provision of Workers' Compensation. Now that was some money, "well spent!"

Workers' Compensation in California is no longer about truth and honesty, nor about fairness and equity, nor justice for the people. It's about money and power, and lots of it, and how it corrupts even the most honest of people with the best of intentions. It's about "cost containment" by the insurance industry, plain and simple!

"Scam Of The Century" tells the story about the great failure of California's Workers' Compensation system to do it's job and take care of the injuries of it's workers in a compassionate, professional and timely manner and it does so in a fashion that every person can comprehend, understand and relate to.

It's about a governor who cares more about money and power than about the many promises that he made to the people of California so that they would elect him. It's about a governor who sold himself and this fine state to the highest bidder.

It's a story about Californians who have the misfortune of becoming injured on the job and how they are simply thrown on the trash heap of society.

It's about an industry that shifts the private cost of taking care of injured Californians on the backs of the taxpayers instead of from their premium dollars. It's no wonder that we have such a large budget shortage. Do the math!

It's about legislators who ignore the needs of their constituents in favor of the needs of their political party and their re-election campaigns!

It's about state officials who refuse to do their jobs, and protect the people of California from some very vicious corporate predators.

Just as filmmaker Michael Moore has done about the healthcare industry with his documentary "SICKO," we intend to take the wraps off of what really goes on in the California Workers' Compensation system and show you who's really making all the big bucks off of the backs of California's injured workers. Why? Simply put, no one else will! Mainstream media totally avoids this subject like the plague! It is truly the "Scam Of The Century!"

And it's not just about California. This nonsense is going on in every state of the union! It has got to be stopped and the story finally told!

Stay tuned, we'll be posting the dailies here for you to watch!

If you have a Workers' Compensation horror story that you would like considered for inclusion in this documentary, please e-mail our producers at our production office, and tell us in a narrative format what happened in your case. A production staffer will get back to you shortly. Or call us Toll-Free at 1-866-755-2279.

Scam Of The Century Dailies
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